The Community of St Margaret the Queen, Streatham Hill.


How then shall we live? Christ asks of us that question.
How then do we respond to his love, grace, charity and freedom? 

We are living in a time of crisis. At this moment people are
deeply suspicious of, and uncertain about, the social, political and economic basis upon which our society, and our city, has been built. Politicians struggle to articulate a positive vision of our society, where all may grow and develop, and where people work for the common good not just for themselves. So often all we hear are the negative consequences of our way of life, which often takes the most toll on those who have least.

It is therefore a vital time to ask how do we live as Christians in such a city? How might our faith inform what we live for and give our time to? How might we find time to imagine what society and community can be and how might we find rest from the strains and stresses of modern life in order to pray and be still?

Here at St Margaret’s we are building a community of people who are passionate about exploring these questions. Who wish to dream and imagine how a wonderful and beautiful Victorian church in Streatham Hill might become a place to encounter a different sort of community, one that is hospitable, and generous, that desires to plumb the depths of learning in order to be reconciled to God and one another more deeply, where people seek to give and serve and not just take and be served.

Our services, on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm offer a reflective, quiet space to encounter God's grace and love in Christ, to renew ourselves and to his call on our lives. They also explore how we might form a rhythm or rule of life to live by. Once a month we also cook and share a meal together, finding life and hope in each others lives and reflecting deeper on what God is calling us to. See here for details.

Based in the Diocese of Southwark and working in the Lambeth South deanery this new community, founded in late 2014, aspires to grow into a community that serves the churches of the deanery, and reaches out to those who are spiritually hungry, helping them to encounter the fulness of life that is Jesus Christ.


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At the heart of our life is prayer and devotion. Offering ourselves each day to God, acknowledging that our life begins and ends in Him and that our service to others is dependent on the conversion of our own hearts and minds. Praying together enables us to know God more deeply and thus to be able to see more clearly how we might serve Him.

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To deepen our faith also means deepening our understanding of the life of the Church, including those things that have fed us, as well as exploring the riches of the whole Christian tradition, that has nourished people over countless generations. We must deepen the wells of our own life in order to become a wellspring of life for others.

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