Are you excited about exploring becoming part of the community at
St Margaret the Queen? Would you like to know more about anything you've read on the website? Or do you know someone in your congregation or local church who you think might be interested? Or maybe you can think of a local community project or charity that St MtQ might be able to be hospitable to or partner with? Do get in contact below.


for yourself

The best thing is to email Revd Gareth Powell, he will be happy to meet with you, to answer any questions you have, and also to introduce you to other people who are exploring becoming part of the community of St MtQ.

Contact Gareth

for someone else

If you know someone who you think might interested feel free to pass on Revd Gareth Powell's contact details, or if you think a local community project might be interested in working with
St MtQ do email us their details below.

Contact Gareth