A rule of life is a set of principles and guidelines which help us to develop a right ordering of our relationships with God, ourselves and one another.  We wrote ours through a period of shared reflection and prayer lasting several months.  Each year those who choose to do so, commit to live by the rule of life for the coming 12 months.  A full copy of our rule can be found by following this link.  Our commitments are summarised by the statements below.


As Christ learnt the trade of the carpenter, we seek to do ordinary things beautifully, desiring to see our work and that of others as a sanctuary that speaks of God’s beauty, creativity and generosity.

As Christ taught his followers to pray, we strive to pray daily, using the office of St Margaret, and to gather together each week to worship, seeking to be with God as God desires to be with us.

As Christ broke bread with those he loved, we strive to attend community meals, sharing our lives with one another, aspiring to the high view of friendship that St Francis and St Claire shared.

As Christ serves all, we seek to serve the poor and the outcast in our daily lives and in this community of Streatham Hill, giving of our time and of our resources to those in need?

As Christ welcomed the stranger, we desire to be watchful for and attentive to visitors, receiving all those God sends to us with joy.

As Christ forgave the thief on the cross and his friend Peter who denied him, we seek to be a community of forgiveness, faithful to one another as Christ is to us.

As Christ studied the scriptures, we seek Wisdom while she may be found, bringing forth treasures old and new in our hearts and minds.


We share our rule of life with our sisters and brothers at the Wellspring Community in Peckham who are well worth checking out.